Steven’s Story

With permission, I’m posting Steven Ormosi‘s story about his “Goulash” experience:

Your  videos and stories remind me of my own Grandmother.  She was always Grandma to me, not Nagymama, though naggy might describe her well:

“Where is your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Here is more chicken.”

“I’ve already had two helpings!”

“You have to love your brother.”

“…What?  I do.”



My Grandmother would dote on us, which was great because mom wouldn’t let us drink soda or eat unhealthy cereal at home.  She once gave me so much food while I was over there that I puked…ugh, I still can’t eat sour cream and onion potato chips.  I think I gained about 100 lbs as a direct result of them moving to NJ.

She was just as anal about everything being in the right place as your Nagymama is.  She would constantly rove the living room and kitchen, fixing any little inconsistency, picking up bits of lint or string or what have you. Clearing dishes, as soon as the last morsel was picked off the plate.  She was a whirling dervish.
Grandma would make all kinds of Hungarian food.  Grandpa would grumble from his easy chair that he couldn’t hear the game.  He watched sports any time he wasn’t sleeping.  They would yell at each other in Hungarian. I could never tell what was going on, but they just yelled all the time, for them it was like normal conversation.  My Grandpa would call her stupid, she’d call him an animal, after a while I found it all to be quite hilarious.
There was so much love and history between the two of them though.  I’ve never seen a man so sad as when my Grandma was dying.  He cried all the time.  His world was just gone.  I’m getting a little depressed just remembering it.  Now they are both gone and I can’t ask the questions I’d like to anymore, I think about them a lot.  It makes me glad you’re doing what you’re doing.  Keep on keepin’ on.

Thanks for the amazing story, Steven . It just goes to show you, not every family is like those ABC made-for-tv movies – but that doesn’t mean there is any less love. Take a hint from Steve – get off your fanny and talk to your granny! – S.Y.

Whirling Dervish photo by Karen Blessen

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